The Universal Federation of Ridge Racing Association, abbreviated as UFRA, is the governing body of Ridge State Grand Prix. In Ridge Racer 7, Reiko Nagase appeared as the federation's spokesperson, while Donny Barson serves as the chairman of the organization. Players will be greeted by the federation's chairman at the start of gameplay following an introduction video showing UFRA-sanctioned events.

Events Hosted by UFRA

  • Ridge State Grand Prix
  • UFRA Single Event
  • Manufacturer's Trials

Ridge State Grand Prix: The Ridge State Grand Prix consists of 14 Grands Prix where the player must progress through in order to earn more "Fame Points" which will unlock more events succeeding every Grands Prix before one another. Completing 13 of the 14 Grands Prix will unlock the final one, where players would be crowned champion upon winning it, which will also unlock the ending movie and Extreme Battles.

Extreme Battles, however, are illegal underground street races not sanctioned by the organization.

There are no restrictions to cars or parts, and usually, races are done tournament-style, where the driver with the most number of championship points is declared the winner.

UFRA Single Events: These races are one-time events featuring various rules sets, such as either normal races, a time trial, races without nitrous and may sometimes even require the player to use specific cars, or alter their cars, be it their dress-up parts or performance parts to meet the regulations to enter. Events are unlocked through progression (through Fame Points), or through brand loyalty (from Manufacturers' Points).

Manufacturers' Trials: These events are required for car brands or part manufacturers to establish relationships with players, which in turn, will allow the purchase and use of their products. Winning these events will unlock the possibility to use a certain brand's cars, and possibly even the ability to use parts made from certain manufacturers.


  • According to a Ridge State News news release, the UFRA suffers from illicit practices within the federation. For instance, one of the news tickers stated that the chairman of Assoluto met UFRA representatives for a top secret meeting regarding race regulations and business opportunities, implying that their officials were wined and dined by Assoluto in favor of them, which could hint to possible allegations of race-fixing.
    • Another would be acts of corruption, in this case, money laundering, as the UFRA has also generated large profits from merchandising and hosting other unrelated events, such as hosting a hurdle marathon in the longest straight in the Bayside Freeway race track in order to bring in more spectacle.
    • This might be a reference to accusations of FIA (the governing body of Formula One) favoring Ferrari when it comes to the sport's regulations. In more recent years, such allegations have since been shifted to championship winning teams Red Bull Racing and Mercedes-AMG during their championship reigns.
    • This is also a reference to the F9000 Racing League in the lore of the WipEout series (which has occurred in WipEout Fusion), were both the F9000 and the UFRA contain the same situations: race-fixing and corruption.
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