Union Hill District

Union Hill District is a track introduced in Rage Racer.

  • Length: 4.125 miles
  • Difficulty: Medium


This is a very fast track with lots of places to make mistakes. Make sure that after the first corner you're pointed straight ahead quickly, as there is a jump then a sharp corner followed by a steep up-hill climb.

The speed you get through the corner is the speed you will be going all the way to the top of the hill. You can either make up or lose lots of time in this part. It can be hard to tell until the last minute, but you want to take a right in the tunnel.

After the tunnel is a long up and down narrow straight away. Fire off the boost when you're going downhill- it won't help you at all going up. Also use caution when passing cars here, because of the narrowness.

After the second tunnel is a tricky corner that is hard left but turns into hard right in the middle, prepare your drift accordingly.