The Terrazi Wildboar is a car produced by Terrazi, appearing only in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.


The Wildboar is Terrazi's top-end Stage 2 car offered to the player after winning the first two races of the Real Racing Roots '99. Following Terrazi's reputation for unique and surreal car designs, the Wildboar features a 3-wheel layout that uses 2 front turning wheels and a single drive wheel on the rear. A major real-life influence of the Wildboar is the Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet concept which used a identical 3-wheel layout and inline-4 engine while the front fascia and headlights of the Wildboar is reminiscent of the Series 1 Lotus Elise.


  • In one of Ridge Racer 7 newstickers, it is mentioned that the Wildboar is being exhibited at Terrazi's recently opened motor museum.


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