The Terrazi Utopia is Terrazi's Special Machine featured in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Design and performance

Modeled as a top-speed attack car, the Utopia has the longest body length. Power comes from a jet rocket engine producing over 3,700 horsepower, enough to make this car as R4's fastest and most powerful machine. Unusually for a top speed attack car, the car is implied to have only three wheels, with two wheels at front and one at rear, just like Terrazi Wildboar. Due to its length, it's effectively the worst handling devil machine in R4, in spite of it's being a grip car.

The Extra Trial race for this car is held in Shooting Hoops for the Pac Racing Club version of the car and Phantomile for other versions of the car.

The Utopia was succeeded by the Terrazi Terrajin in Ridge Racer 6.

Performance chart

The car's maximum speed and horsepower from all the four stages and teams. The Garage number indicates the car number in the Change Car (in the Garage mode).

Stage Garage DRT MMM PRC RTS
4 20 395 km/h
246 mph
(3738 ps)
392 km/h
245 mph
(3729 ps)
399 km/h
249 mph
(3750 ps)
397 km/h
248 mph
(3746 ps)
  • Horsepower numbers taken from (Japanese language only). Please note, the horsepower numbers are not displayed in the game.


  • The Utopia's livery was reused by Terrazi Terrific in Ridge Racer 64.
  • The Terrazi Utopia features the most powerful known engine out of all the cars in the series.
  • If looked closely, the words "life" and "knowledge" can be seen on the sides of the car.
  • The Utopia somewhat resembles the Mickey Thompson Challenger land speed record car, but unlike the said car being powered by a combustion engine, and that the Utopia is rocket-powered, it may have similarities to the ThrustSSC.
  • The car's name, "Utopia", actually refers to an ideal world.


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