The Terrazi Ambitious is a car produced by Terrazi, appearing only in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Design and performance

The Ambitious is the first car provided when the player chooses Terrazi as the manufacturer of choice. The Ambitious features an typical JDM tuner coupe look, comparable to a fourth generation Toyota Supra. This makes the car look similar to the first generation Kamata Fiera, especially the car's taillights, with the impression that Namco wanted to imply that the original F/A Racing car in early games was actually the Ambitious, as the Fiera name have yet to be introduced in Ridge Racer V (as Kamata Fiaro). The Ambitious features a turbocharged 2 liter 4-cylinder engine, compared to the first generation Fiera/Fiaro's 3000cc 6-cylinder engine. For comparison, the 2JZ-G(T)E engine in the fourth generation Supra is a 3000cc inline-6 engine, with optional turbocharger in RZ models.

If the player finishes in the last qualifying place, the player will continue driving the Ambitious for the rest of the Grand Prix, but the car will receive engine upgrades, as well as increased number of gears.

The Centellee is the car's possible spiritual successor.

Performance chart

The car's maximum speed and horsepower from all the four stages and teams. The Garage number indicates the car number in the Change Car (in the Garage mode).

Stage Garage DRT MMM PRC RTS
1 1 166 km/h
103 mph
(172 ps)
159 km/h
99 mph
(170 ps)
171 km/h
106 mph
(173 ps)
180 km/h
112 mph
(176 ps)
2 2 182 km/h
113 mph
(207 ps)
175 km/h
109 mph
(204 ps)
187 km/h
116 mph
(207 ps)
198 km/h
123 mph
(211 ps)
3 6 194 km/h
121 mph
(230 ps)
189 km/h
118 mph
(230 ps)
203 km/h
126 mph
(232 ps)
210 km/h
131 mph
(235 ps)
4 13 285 km/h
178 mph
(259 ps)
278 km/h
173 mph
(258 ps)
292 km/h
182 mph
(260 ps)
301 km/h
188 mph
(264 ps)
  • Horsepower numbers taken from (Japanese language only), which derives details from the official Ridge Racer Type 4 Strategy Guide book. Please note, the horsepower numbers are not displayed in the game.


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