Shatter Bay is the setting for Ridge Racer Unbounded.


In the game's main menu, the city appears to be a dense seafront city that's separated into boroughs, connected through a number of bridges and a network of highway. The city's divided into nine districts:

City Limits

The City Limits district is Shatter Bay's suburban/outskirts area, featuring a network of elevated trains and elements of a residential area. This is the starting area for new players.

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side of Shatter Bay is a suburban area just like City Limits, but traversed by a highway. Compared to the City Limits, the area isn't as densely packed.

Upper West Side

It can be said that it's the start of Shatter Bay's urban area. A monument and a large metro station can be seen here.

Old Town

Shatter Bay's old town is home to an industrial complex and a sports stadium. The stadium is home to Shatter Bay's own sports team, the Shatter Bay Sharks.

Williams Way

Williams Way is a large network of highway in Shatter Bay. Parts of it are located lower than the city surroundings. It is named after the founder of Shatter Bay, William Shatter.

Shatter Port

Shatter Bay's seaport complex. It is located north of the Old Town.

Tower Heights

Located south of the City Center, this area is currently undergoing a massive construction/expansion.

City Center

Shatter Bay's city center features a different view than previous areas, as it's surrounded by neon signs. It is the home to a large shopping mall complex.

Ghost Bay

Ghost Bay is an urban area in the southeastern part of the east borough, just west of Old Town. The game's final takes place here.


  • In some parts of the city, there's a cafe named Bubgear. Bubgear is an anagram for Bugbear, the game's developer.
  • Shatter Bay is a fictional United States city, located in an unspecified state. Car license plates are simply "Shatter Bay" license plates. Judging by the overall geography and the fact that it has a port, it could most likely be located on the East Coast of the United States.
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