The Rivelta Mercurio is a car introduced in Ridge Racer V, serving as the hero car of the game.

Design and performance

The Rivelta Mercurio mechanically resembled the first-generation Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT (Z16A), as it features a V6 engine and all-wheel drivetrain, alongside with pop-up headlights that was discarded in later facelifts of the GTO/3000GT, with smoothed lines influenced from more recent cars of Ridge Racer V's release, such as the Ferrari 360 Modena, Mazda RX-7 (FD) and Chevrolet Corvette (C5).

The Mercurio is a grip-type car that does not drift, and is often thought of as the second most difficult grip car to control, second only to the Himmel E.O. due to the car's high power and weight (the same traits the GTO/3000GT had). Ridge Racer V marks the car's only appearance in the entire series, and was the game's cover car, where it was billed as the "symbol of Ridge City".

In the game's Extra specification, the car is modified with contemporary FIA GT Championship style aero parts, while retaining the four-wheel drivetrain.

Following the closure of Rivelta, the Soldat Meltfire is considered to be the car's spiritual successor, although the Meltfire is a mid-engine sports car instead of a front-engine grand tourer.

Performance chart

All the three engines available for the car:

Engine Specification Class Maximum speed Power
Rivelta R16C 3000cc V6 Standard 281 km/h 405 ps
VECT VCT18 3000cc V6 twin-turbo Extra 342 km/h 505 ps
VECT VCT24 3000cc V6 twin-turbo Oval 436 km/h 777 ps

Description (as stated by the announcer)


"The Mercurio is Rivelta's full-time, all-wheel drive sports car that delivers speed and control in an elegant body design."


"This model of the Mercurio is a race-bred monster that's tuned for high performance."



  • Mercurio means Mercury in Italian.
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