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Ridge Racer 7 is the latest installment of the Ridge Racer series, which is a series of fictional race cars. Only released on Playstation 3, the game has around 40 cars, many which return from the previous incarnations of Ridge Racer 6, Ridge Racer (PSP), and Ridge Racer 2. The game was first revealed at 2006 E3. Ridge Racer 7 also has Full Motion Videos, just like the previous titles, starringReiko Nagase. (more...)

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Trailer for Ridge Racer Draw & Drift, now available on App Store and Google Play Store.

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13th August 2020
Please take time to review Katsuhiro Harada's (Tekken series director) statement on the Ridge Racer series. ---FMecha
14th December 2018
I should have done this two days ago, but Drift Spirits is having a Ridge Racer collaboration event! And (belated) happy birthday to Ai Fukami-san! ---FMecha
19th September 2018
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 will be one of games included with the recently announced PlayStation Classic microconsole. --FMecha
21st October 2016
A new mobile Ridge Racer game is now available on App Store and Google Play Store: Ridge Racer Draw & Drift. (We're still waiting for a proper Ridge Racer games on current-gen consoles, dammit!) --FMecha
16th September 2016
The adoption procedure is completed! Message walls are now enabled. For editors out there, please read the to do list. Happy racing, citizens of Ridge State! --FMecha
13th September 2016
With the two admins - Ultraboy94 and Fel1230 went AWOL, the Facebook group being long dead, and this wiki on a completely messy situation, I, FMecha have placed an adoption request for this wiki here. Check out soon for a new management! --FMecha
10th March 2011
Ridge Racer Wiki reached 100 pages. Great work everyone! --Fel1230
26th May 2010
Okay, I hope I can spend some more time working on this wiki. I have created an official facebook group page for the wiki which you can join here https://archive.is/20131015210356/www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122905297741608. I have also created a new logo for thw wiki which I hope looks a lot better than the old one. Thanks to Knightrez and others for keeping this wiki going while I have been busy. --Ultraboy94

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