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Ridge Racer: Unbounded was created by Bugbear Entertainment and published by Namco Bandai. Created for Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Released on July 31, 2012 (US). This is the first Ridge Racer game with destructible cars and destroyable scenery which is similar to Burnout and Split/Second. It is also the last installment for the home consoles in the Ridge Racer series.

The game takes place in the city known as Shatter Bay.

Solo mode: 

Solo mode is the single-player option of the game in which you join the unbounded gang and start out low ranked and compete to dominate all of the districts to raise in rank. City Limits, Upper Westside, Williams Way, Lower Eastside Old Town, Shatter Port, Tower Heights, City Center, and Ghost Bay are the seven Districts to take over.

Game Modes:

When playing the game there are five modes, Domination Race, Shindo Racing, Frag Attack, Drift Attack, and Time Attack.

Domination Race

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Domination Race Mode

The basic mode of the game. You drive the track while using your power bar to destroy your opponents in your way. As well as use the same power bar to make shorts cuts and destroy targets on the road.

Shindo Racing


Shindo Racing Mode

Unlike Domination Race, You can only use your power bar to nitro and cannot destroy your opponents.  Nor can you create shorts where you normally could in the Domination Race.

Frag Attack

Frag Attack

Frag Attack Mode

In this mode, your aim is to destroy as many Cops on the track as possible within a limited amount of time. For every racer, you destroy or creating short cuts you gain points for the score and gain more time on the clock.

Drift Attack

Drift Attack

Drift Attack Mode

In this mode its all about the drift. Set on a timer you have to preform drifts to earn points and gain more time on the timer.

Time Attack

Time Attack

Time Attack Mode

It's all about completing one lap around the track to get the fastest time. Collecting collectible freezes the timer and adds to your power bar.


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City Creator

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