Ridge Racer: Draw & Drift is the latest installments in the Ridge Racer series, exclusively released for iOS and Android platforms on select markets.


Unlike the previous installments, in this title, players have to draw/trace a specific path prior and tap the screen at certain points in the race to execute drift, similar to Drift Spirits, Bandai Namco's drift racing game.

Game Modes

The main career mode is now dubbed "Ridge Racer World Cup", set in Ridge City. Reiko Nagase returns for the series, but not as the race queen, but rather as the player's manager.

Aside from the Ridge Racer World Cup, a side event dubbed "Legend League" is also available if the player has reached a certain level. The league is coordinated by Jin Kazama, who also serves as a boss.

Drifting and Controls

Drifting is now executed at specific zones marked in green and white. The white strip on the drift zone indicate the "perfect drift". Drifts are now rated based on the player's reaction time. Your car also auto-accelerates, meaning that you won't have to hold the screen for a long amount of time.


Cars divided into three classes: R1, R2 and R3.

Class R1

  • Terrazi Wild Gang
  • Sinseong Jujak
  • Age Abeille
  • Age Elenie

Class R2

  • Gnade Magnifico
  • Terrazi Starnose
  • Lucky & Wild Wisdom
  • Gnade Dignistar

Class R3

  • Gnade Esperanza
  • Lucky & Wild Evolver
  • Age Prophetie
  • Kamata Fiera
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