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Ridge Racer Accelerated
for iOS is an arcade racing video game developed by Namco. It is named after the eponymous Ridge Racer video game series to which it belongs. The game was released on the App Store and it uses micro-transactions for unlocking more courses and an extra car class. There are currently 3 cars available per class, with 6 cars more to be unlocked during the game's progress. The game also features an SP1 class consisting of prototype cars. The game features an Arcade, Duel, Survival and Time Attack mode.

Like many other games in the series, it features a Full Motion Video opening that stars Reiko Nagase.


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The core aspect of the entire Ridge Racer series is drift racing, that is traditional lap racing against opponents with the added twist of intentionally oversteering and sliding the car through sharp corners and turns, known as "drifting", which earns the player several bonuses during a race.

Controlling the car is done by tilting to steer and on screen buttons for accelerating, decelerating and nitrous.


Notable also is the "nitrous boost" system from the previous games in the series.. The player has a Nitrous Gauge made up of three nitrous tanks, which at the start of a race are either completely depleted or only partially full. As the player drifts through the corners (especially at very high Slip angles) during the race, their nitrous gauge fills up. When the player fills up one of the three nitrous tanks, it can be activated to achieve a temporary speed boost. The nitrous tanks cannot be recharged while any tank is in use though, but the residual speed increase when the nitrous boost expires can be used just before entering corners to recharge the player's nitrous tanks at a faster rate than normal.


Practice Level

Ridge Cup

The first cup takes two courses from the original Ridge Racer and three courses from Ridge Racer Revolution.

Pac-Man Cup

The second cup takes four courses from Rave Racer and one course from Rage Racer.

Beginner Level

Galaga Cup

The third cup takes three courses from Rage Racer and two courses from Ridge Racer Type 4.

Galaxian Cup

The fourth cup takes five courses from Ridge Racer Type 4.

Advanced Level

Dig Dug Cup

The fifth cup takes one course from Ridge Racer Type 4 and four courses from Ridge Racer 64.

Xevious Cup

The sixth cup takes five courses from Ridge Racer V.

Very Hard Level

Bosconian Cup

The seventh cup takes five courses from Ridge Racer 6.

Rally-X Cup

Like the seventh cup, the eighth cup takes five courses from Ridge Racer 6.

Insane Level

Mappy Cup

The ninth cup takes four courses from Ridge Racer 6 and one course from Ridge Racer 7.

IdolMaster Cup

And the tenth and final cup takes five courses from Ridge Racer 7.



  1. Ridge Racer
  2. Grip
  3. Rotterdam Nation
  4. Rotterdam Nation '94
  5. Speedster
  6. Speedster Overheat
  7. Drive U 2 Dancing
  8. Rhythm Shift
  9. Rare Hero
  10. Rare Hero 2
  11. Maximum Zone

Rave Disc

  1. Europhia
  2. Blue Topaz

Rage Disc

  1. Rage Racer
  2. Lightning Luge
  3. Silver Stream

R4 Disc

  1. Naked Glow
  2. Your Vibe
  3. Move Me
  4. Movin' in Circles
  5. Eat 'em Up!
  6. Motor Species
  7. The Ride
  8. Pearl Blue Soul

RRV Disc

  1. Samurai Rocket
  2. Daredevil
  3. Tui Tui

RR64 Disc

  1. Cruise Control
  2. Gun Runner
  3. Ridge Racer Roots
  4. Galaga Pac Jam

RRs Disc

  1. Highride
  2. Warp Trooper
  3. Bassrider
  4. Pulse Phaze
  5. Chrome Drive
  6. Synthetic Life
  7. Disco Ball
  8. Night Stream
  9. Light Groove
  10. Vanishing Horizon
  11. Tunnel Visionary
  12. Tek Trek

RR6 Disc

  1. Galactic Life
  2. FloodLight

Sonic Disc

  1. Sea Gate
  2. Seaside Hill
  3. Ocean Palace
  4. Grand Metropolis
  5. Power Plant
  6. Casino Park
  7. Bingo Highway
  8. Rail Canyon
  9. Bullet Station
  10. Frog Forest
  11. Lost Jungle
  12. Hang Castle
  13. Mystic Mansion
  14. Egg Fleet
  15. Final Fortress
  16. A New Day
  17. Palmtree Panic (Present)
  18. Can You Feel The Sunshine?
  19. Windy and Ripply
  20. Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy!
  21. Back 2 Back
  22. Super Sonic Racing
  23. E.G.G.M.A.N. (Instrumental)
  24. Crank the Heat Up!!
  25. Metal Scratching
  26. What U Need
  27. Right There. Ride On!
  28. Lethal Highway
  29. Toot Toot Sonic Warrior
  30. Starlight Carnival (Act 2)
  31. Sky Sanctuary
  32. Monkey Island
  33. Party Game 1
  34. Ultra Heaven
  35. Party Game 2
  36. Monkey Race
  37. Jumble Jungle
  38. Pirates Ocean
  39. Smooth Sherbet
  40. Colbalt Caverns
  41. Sinking Swamp
  42. Volcanic Pools
  43. Detritus Desert
  44. Samba De Janeiro
  45. Carnaval
  46. Bum Bum
  47. Vamos A Carnaval
  48. Mambo De Verano
  49. Tumbling Xylophone
  50. Bossa Nova of Briny Air
  51. A Jack-In-The-Box!
  52. Volcanic Orchestra
  53. Billy's Courage
  54. Magical Sound Shower
  55. Passing Breeze
  56. Splash Wave
  57. Outride a Crisis
  58. Rolling Start
  59. Space Harrier
  60. The Concept Of Love
  61. We Are Burning Rangers! Go!


The cars in the game include six classes, each increasing in speed and difficulty. There is a seventh (Special) class.

The game features 48 cars (9 cars in 5 classes with 3 in a Special Class) with another class that can be bought in-game. Each class of cars has 3 read-to-drive cars with 6 cars waiting to be unlocked. The Special Class has 1 car available with 2 cars waiting to be unlocked. Including purchased cars, the total rides comes to 57.

Class 1/4

  1. Kamata Fiera Type-S
  2. Age Prophetie Type-S
  3. Danver Bayonet Type-S
  4. Kamata Fiera Type-R
  5. Age Prophetie Type-R
  6. Danver Bayonet Type-R
  7. Kamata Fiera Type-Z
  8. Age Prophetie Type-Z
  9. Danver Bayonet Type-Z

Class 2/5

  1. Age Abeille Type-S
  2. Gnade Esperanza Type-S
  3. Assoluto Bisonte Type-S
  4. Age Abeille Type-R
  5. Gnade Esperanza Type-R
  6. Assoluto Bisonte Type-R
  7. Age Abeille Type-Z
  8. Gnade Esperanza Type-Z
  9. Assoluto Bisonte Type-Z

Class 3/6

  1. Assoluto Fatalita Type-S
  2. Himmel E.O. Type-S
  3. Soldat Raggio Type-S
  4. Assoluto Fatalita Type-R
  5. Himmel E.O. Type-R
  6. Soldat Raggio Type-R
  7. Assoluto Fatalita Type-Z
  8. Himmel E.O. Type-Z
  9. Soldat Raggio Type-Z

Class SP1

  1. Assoluto Bisonte - R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Version -
  2. Kamata Angelus - Ridge Racer Version -
  3. Soldat Crinale - Ridge Racer Version -