The newest installment on the Ridge Racer series Unbounded features for the first after all these years an open world format instead of being confined in a race track, ability to bust through buildings to find a shortcut and even knocking out your opponents off the road Burnout style ( only without having your nitro being refilled for every takedown you make ). It is scheduled for realese next year on March 2 at Europe and March 6 in America. The usual ports on most Ridge Racers are mostly on the PS2,PS3, and Xbox360 but now it has been confirmed that it will also be on Windows computer system.

Trivia: It is unkown if Kamata Angelus, devil car Soldat Crinale, the mysterious Monstrous, and the Namco Pacman car will appear on this game

This is the first Ridge Racer game to feature physics, building breakthroughs, and free world roaming.