Ridge City RRV

The map of Ridge City as it appears in Ridge Racer V.

Ridge City is the location of several Ridge Racer games, which has evolved right along with the graphics and the size of the game.


In the first Ridge Racer game, Ridge City consists of two parts: a downtown full of business buildings (including the landmark tunnel building) and a coastal section, featuring a hotel in the beach section. This shapes the Seaside Route 765 course; the longer Ridge City Highway course also features a work-in-progress development on it's extended road, which appears to be completed by the time of Rave Racer.

Ridge Racer V shows more of the Ridge City, featuring a loop of expressways, the building of RCFM (Ridge City FM) radio station, a central business district area, green hills, and an airport, situated in a man-made island, slightly far from the city.

In Ridge Racer 7, Ridge City has become Ridge State, a huge metropolis with skyscrapers sprawling where roads and nature coexisted just a few games ago. There are still areas of Ridge City and it's road ways that are the same as they were in the first couple games including the right turn inland from the coast, the tunnel section and the large downtown building you drive through.

Ridge City returns in Ridge Racer Draw & Drift as the game's location, host to Ridge Racer World Cup.


  • It can be assumed that Ridge City is a part of Ridge State.
  • As of Ridge Racer 7, Ridge City's semi-offshore airport may be replaced with the airport complex in South Bay.
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