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R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
Rr4 logo.jpg
Japanese アールフォー リッジレーサータイプフォー
Developer Namco
Publisher Namco
Platforms PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Classic
Release dates


Flag of Japan.svg December 3, 1998
Flag of the United States.svg May 1, 1999
European flag.svg September 1, 1999

PlayStation Network:

Flag of the United States.svg March 8, 2011
European flag.svg June 1, 2011
Flag of Japan.svg July 6, 2011

PlayStation Classic

December 3, 2018
Genre Racing
Modes Single player
2 player
Ratings ESRB: Everyone
Media CD-ROM

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 is the fourth game in the Ridge Racer series on the PlayStation. Unlike some of the other titles in the series, this game is made only for a home console, and does not have an arcade machine version. It is the final Ridge Racer series game released in the PlayStation console before Ridge Racer V released exclusively on PlayStation 2. There are 8 tracks (with reverse variants, for a total of 16 layouts) and 321 vehicles, all of which are fictional. This iteration was one of the first games on the PlayStation to feature gouraud shading on the polygons, giving the game a visual depth that was previously missing. It was also the first Ridge Racer game on the Sony system to feature a two-player split screen mode, and featured two different driving models.

On September 19, 2018, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced its inclusion of Type 4 into the PlayStation Classic video game console, which was released on December 3, 2018.[1]

Game features


The main mode of the game is "Grand Prix", where players take on the role of a racing driver new to the game's fictional "Real Racing Roots '99" Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is split into 4 stages - 2 qualifying races, 2 quarter-final races, 3 semi-finals and one Final race on New Year's Eve 1999 - between which the player receives either a new car or an upgrade to their current one, based on their performance in the stage. In order to unlock every one of the cars, the player must race with every racing team and every manufacturer, in every qualifying position possible, hence enhancing the longevity of the game.

R4 featured two models of handling; drift handling was the classic Ridge Racer handling where the player oversteers into the turn to slide the car around the corner, whereas grip handling is more realistic, employing the brake more and not utilising powerslides at all. There are a total of eight tracks to choose from.

Teams and vehicles

There are four fictional racing teams available, each one managed by a different character who briefs the player between races. All the team managers have their own backstories.

  • Dig Racing Team - a former front-running team led by Robert Chrisman, this American organization has recently fallen on hard times after the team's director cut back on funding. This team features cars with "expert" tuning, and they are the hardest team to drive for in the game.
  • Pac Racing Club - the newest entry into the Real Racing Roots '99 championship this Japanese team lead by Shinji Yazaki tunes their cars to a normal standard making them the more moderate of the four teams available and ideal for intermediate-level players.
  • Racing Team Solvalou - this elite Italian team led by the charismatic Enki Gilbert are currently dominating the Real Racing Roots '99 championship. Their cars are widely regarded as the fastest in the game.
  • R.C Micro Mouse Mappy - this French team has a new owner, Sophie Chevalier, replacing her ill grandfather this season. Ideal for beginners, cars are easier to control than those of the other racing teams. It is notable for its unusual headquarters which is a building inside a garage.

There are four fictional car manufactures to choose from and one special car available:


The game has 8 courses, 6 of them have a shared portion. The courses are:

Heat 1

Heat 2

Final GP

  • Phantomile - in Yokohama. Some of the circuit's scenery is shared with Helter Skelter and Out of Blue
  • Brightest Nite - in New York. The finish line inside the airport are shared with Edge of the Earth
  • Heaven and Hell - in Fukuoka. Half of the circuit are shared with Wonderhill
  • Shooting Hoops - in Los Angeles

By winning at least one time the Real Racing Roots '99, these circuits are available in Normal and Reverse directions for Multiplayer and Time Attack game modes.


After completing Grand Prix, Trophy will be awarded. You will get different trophies depending on which team and car type you had used.

Trophy Name How to Get
Pac-Man Trophy Complete all race with any cars.
Mappy Trophy 1st win every race with MMM team and using Drift Car.
Wagyan Trophy 1st win every race with MMM team and using Grip Car.
Klonoa Trophy 1st win every race with PRC team and using Drift Car.
Valkryie Trophy 1st win every race with PRC team and using Grip Car.
Xevious Trophy 1st win every race with RTS team and using Drift Car.
Bosconian Trophy 1st win every race with RTS team and using Grip Car.
Dragon Trophy 1st win every race with DRT team and using Drift Car.
Tower of Druaga Trophy 1st win every race with DRT team and using Grip Car.

Other information

Ridge Racer series mascot girl Reiko Nagase, in her R4 look.

Special edition box sets of R4 were packaged with the Namco Jogcon controller designed specifically for use with the game. The portable PocketStation device could also be utilized in R4 to trade cars with friends.

Reiko Nagase

R4 featured a CGI animated intro with the Ridge Racer "mascot girl" Reiko Nagase, who first appeared in Rage Racer set to an acid jazz piece called Urban Fragments by Hiroshi Okubo featuring vocals by Kimara Lovelace.

Ridge Racer Turbo/Hi-Spec Demo

The game includes a bonus disc containing a new version of the original Ridge Racer, called Ridge Racer Turbo (known in Europe as Ridge Racer Hi-Spec Demo). This game runs at 60 frames per second with shading utilized on the car models, as seen in R4. The original 30 frames per second version of the game is also included as a means to compare with the 60 frames per second version.


The game was critically acclaimed and a commercial success in Japan, the UK and the United States, with aggregate review websites GameRankings and Metacritic giving a score of 88.16% and 88 of 100, respectively. [2][3] The game was mainly praised for the very impressive effects and graphics (even some think that R4 surpasses the first Gran Turismo), design of tracks, enjoyable soundtrack, intuitive controls and progressive difficult level. Minor criticism was directed to the high amount of cars to unlock, where the most are just slightly modified versions of the main cars.



  • While choosing the car, you can press L1 or R1 to steer the front wheels.
  • While editing stickers, hold L1 and press directions to jump between buttons.
  • Pressing triangle during demonstration and replay scenes toggles a motion blur effect. This also works in the Music Player in Options.
  • After you complete a time trial, you're asked to choose an option. Press Square and Triangle to reveal a password. This password is used to get rankings on Namco Japan's website. New entries to the rankings were closed on August 31, 2001.
  • The announcer in Time Trials may either praise or condemn the player depending on the split times for a section. If the player is faster than the previous split time, the announcer may praise the player and say "Sweet! You really ripped through that section!" where if the player is slower, he may "roast" and berate the player and say "My grandma drives faster than that! Get with the program!".
  • The US commercial of Ridge Racer Type 4 featured the song: I can't drive 55 by Sammy Hagar.
  • Story-wise, although never referred to in-game, the events of the game is set 50 years after the inaugural Real Racing Roots season established by Louis Âge in 1949.
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