Nitrous is a main gameplay feature since Ridge Racer (PSP). Generally speaking, nitrous will temporarily increase the horsepower of the car as it is injected into the manifold of the engine. Once it's been triggered, the vehicle will go past its speed limit temporarily. The only way to charge nitrous is to drift round corners. The charge speed rate depends on how sharp the corners and how fast you're drifting.

Nitrous Features

Ridge Racer (PSP) and Ridge Racer 2

This game debuts Nitrous. Drift round corners to fill up the gauge. Once a gauge filled up, it is now ready to use and filling up another tank after. You can only use one tank of Nitrous at the time. It can't be charged when it's being used.

Ridge Racer 6

It introduced Double and Triple Nitrous in which two or three boosts (referred to as "double nitrous" and "triple nitrous", respectively) can now be used at the same time, where using two or all three boosts will increase the engine power gained from using it, as well as its duration. Ultimate Charge is also introduced in which the nitrous charges faster than normal when the car decelerates back to its normal speed after boosting, so fast and sharp drifts, as well as knowledge of the track layouts, are key to mastering Ultimate Charge.

Ridge Racer 7

There are 8 types of Nitrous:

  • Basic Type - Same with the PSP versions. Default type. You can't use Double or Single Nitrous with this type of nitrous, so the boost is pretty weak.
  • Standard Type - You can charge up to three boosts at once and use Double and Triple Nitrous. Most normal type with standard power.
  • Flex Type - Has a very long gauge and can be used as you hold the Nitrous button. If used for five seconds, the boost becomes more powerful than standard.
  • Quad Type - A Standard Nitrous with one additional boost on reserve, but you're still only limited to three boosts at a time.
  • Long Type - You can charge up to two nitrous boosts, each with 1.5 times longer than normal nitrous. Power is the same as the Standard type.
  • Reverse Type - Same as the standard nitrous; however, it can only charge by drifting corners while using the nitrous.
  • Auto Type - Used the same as the standard nitrous; however they charge over time, without regard to drift speeds.
  • High Type - Used the same as standard nitrous but increases speed greatly when used; however they last for a short time. At the cost of boost time, boost power is greatly increased, making it more powerful than standard. The nitrous also charges slightly faster as well.

Ridge Racer Slipstream

Ridge Racer Slipstream saw the simplification of nitrous types, now divided into three types of boost (Normal, Extended and High) and three types of charge (Normal, increased Ultimate Charge rate and Auto-Charge). Ultimate charging mechanism is also revised, so now player has to drift while boosting to initiate Ultimate Charge.

Nitrous Modifications

Ridge Racer 7 introduced customizable nitrous. There are two stages of factory nitrous modifications as well as three aftermarket options. Stage 1 factory nitrous upgrades allows for double/triple boosts while Stage 2 factory nitrous upgrade adds the ability of Ultimate Charge as well as more powerful boost. Optional aftermarket options are as follows:

  • Galaxian nitrous upgrade consist of three options: Normal Charge (equal to Stage 2 factory upgrade), Normal Charge + U (increases Ultimate Charge accumulation rate) and Normal Charge + B (increases Normal Charge accumulation rate).
  • Consumer Tec nitrous upgrade consist of three options: Normal Charge (equal to Stage 2 factory upgrade), Flex Nitrous, and High Nitrous.
  • General Resource nitrous upgrade adds a fourth tank with three options: Normal Charge, Reverse Charge, and Auto-Charge.
Note: Some Nitrous parts have modifications and combination of two types.
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