"A French team with cars renowned for ease of handling. The team also has a new owner for this season."
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (Grand Prix mode team blurb)

Racing Club Micro Mouse Mappy Racing Club (or MMM) is a French team in Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ridge Racer 64.

The team is ideal for beginners, cars are slower and easier to control than those of the other racing teams and the player faces rookie drivers. It is notable for its unusual headquarters which is a building inside a garage.


Little is known about Micro Mouse Mappy's history. The team was founded in 1981 by Sophie Chevalier's grandfather. In 1988, Donald Louis became the manager of the team after being transferred from Dig Racing Team, while in 1997, the then-owner of Micro Mouse Mappy suffered a cardiovascular illness, and the team's ownership will fall to the hands of Sophie Chevalier, the owner's granddaughter.


The team's owned by Sophie Chevalier who replaces her ill grandfather, and managed by Donald Louis. While she lacks mechanical knowledge, she tries to form a good relationship with the player through her friendly personality and tries her best to fulfill her promise to her grandfather to win the race, even though her father prefers her to get married. At the penultimate race in Final GP, it's revealed that Sophie is already engaged. In MMM's epilogue, she announces her intentions to manage the team for the upcoming racing season and intends on renewing the contract of the player, much to everyone's surprise, as she was in the verge of an arranged marriage.


  • Sophie's age is roughly the same as Reiko. She's also the youngest team manager in R4.
  • The team is named after the Mappy arcade game series by Namco featuring the eponymous anthropomorphic mouse character.
  • In CGI renderings, a scale model, and Ridge Racer 64, the team is shown to use Lizard cars. However, if the player chooses another team and does not choose Age Solo as their manufacturer, the team will use Age Solo cars instead.
    • The opposite occurs with Dig Racing Team, where in artwork they are shown with Age Solo cars, but has Lizard as their official manufacturer.
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