Lucky & Wild (Japanese: ラッキー&ワイルド) is an American manufacturer of sports cars, debuting in Ridge Racer 3D. Their lineup consists of cars with a very heavy muscle influence. In particular, the Lucky & Wild Evolver is heavily featured in Ridge Racer 3D, and is the car prominent on the cover art. One of their cars, called the Wisdom, was previously featured in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, branded as a Lizard, a manufacturer that merged and had their names reused by Danver.

Cars by Lucky & Wild


  • The maker's name is taken from Namco's old arcade game with same title, Lucky & Wild.
    • A Lucky & Wild sponsored opponent car appears in Rave Racer, quite incidentally.
  • Lucky & Wild Motors is stated to be founded in 1993.
  • It is implied that Lucky & Wild acquired the rights and assets of the Wisdom following Lizard's presumed financial collapse and liquidation, while fellow rival, Danver, acquired Lizard's Bayonet and Hijack. It is also possible that Lucky & Wild is a tuning house, akin to Hennessey, given the late year of establishing.
  • It could be possible that Lucky & Wild could be the potential manufacturer, or perhaps, tuner of the Monstrous.
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