The Tamer is a sports/racing car manufactured by Lizard, exclusively featured in Ridge Racer Type 4.

While it is a mediocre car in terms of speed, its performance is compensated with surprisingly good levels of maneuverability in non-drift-required tight corners.

The car can be described as the amalgamation of Lizard Detector with Chaparral 2J, since it the same two fan configuration in the back. It has the fans to suck air from under, therefore provide more grip. Still, it handles badly on drifting, while better on brakeless cornering.


  • The name "Tamer" is a possible double entendre: it could be the comparative form of the word "tame" (as in "taming a lizard"; lizard being an animal), or it could also be the romanized version of the Arabic word "tamir", literally meaning "date fruit".
  • The car may also resemble the 1978 Ghia Action concept, only with the addition of Chaparral 2J-like fans at the rear.


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