This article provides a list of references to other games made by Namco in the Ridge Racer series. Each section denotes each Namco game/franchise that is alluded to in the RR series.


  • Namco Pac-Man is a playable machine in Ridge Racers, Ridge Racer 2 (PSP), Ridge Racer 6, and Ridge Racer 7, seen riding different vehicles related to flying vehicles.
  • Soundtracks in R4, RR5, RR6, and RR7 each comes with one original Pac-Man track.
  • Pac-Man is a playable minigame in Ridge Racer 6. The split time indicator on the bottom left of the screen is Pac-Man themed.
  • DLC Kamata SYNCi comes with the Pac-Man skin in Ridge Racer Vita.

Ace Combat

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  • A tries/suspension manufacturer is named Astaroth.
  • An exterior parts manufacturer is named Kilik.


  • More information: Klonoa Wiki
  • Klonoa 's name is printed on some boards along the sides of tracks and on top of buildings in Ridge Racer 6 & 7. His name is also on some car liveries.
  • His ally, Popka , also features on some car liveries too.


  • Race products and sponsors: Solvalou, Bacura, Andorgenesis Wheels
  • RT Solvalou is a team in Ridge Racer Type 4.
  • Many enemies and the players ship, the Solvalou, from the series appear as liveries in the Ridge Racer franchise.
  • Xevious is a playable minigame in Ridge Racer 7.
  • Solvalou and Bacuras randomly appear in Mist Falls in Ridge Racer 7.
  • Pac-Man in Ridge Racer 7 is piloting a floating Andor Genesis, with it's speedometer shaped like it and numbers are in Xevian.


  • Race products and sponsors: Xiaoyu, Mokujin, Yoshimitsu, Tekken
  • Death by Degrees is seen on a billboard in Ridge Racer 7. That game stars a Tekken fighter, Nina Williams.
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Blood Vengence (CGI movie) appear as billboards in Ridge Racer Vita.
  • Lili drives a Danver 4x4 in Tekken 6

New Rally-X

  • New Rally-X is a playable minigame in Ridge Racers and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP).
  • Namco New Rally-X is a playable machine in Ridge Racers as a special machine.
  • The split time indicator is New Rally-X themed in Ridge Racer PSP games.