The Kamata SYNCi (pronounced: "sync-eye") is the new car from Kamata that made its debut in Ridge Racer Vita.

The car's design is based on modern GT racing cars, or more especially, a mix between the Honda HSV-010 Super GT car, or perhaps the Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo. It is also the cover car of Ridge Racer Vita.

Official description

  • Max RPM: 11000rpm
  • Length: 4720mm
  • Height: 1222mm
  • Width: 2010mm
  • Number of gears: 7

The SYNCi is a hybrid-engine wielding super sports car, developed as Kamata's next-generation platform. Living up to is namesake, which means "novelty", the SYNCi is equipped head to toe with the latest in technology. The SYNC-i System, for example, adjusts the machine's driving to the driver's stress levels and emotions. Kamata envisions this machine to be both an intelligent and stylish entertainer for drivers, and these traits are presented throughout its design. The newest machine off the runway is a race-version of the original SYNCi. Its luxury features have been pared down to make way for heightened speed and drift performance.


  • A special version of Kamata SYNCi, with the livery of Pac-Man maze, was featured as a event-exclusive car in Bandai Namco's mobile racing game Drift Spirits.
    • The regular livery version of SYNCi was later featured in an collaboration event in same game held in December 2018.
  • This is the first known hybrid vehicle in the Ridge Racer series. It is also currently the only car in the series to resemble a Vision Gran Turismo vehicle, although foreshadowed, as Ridge Racer Vita was released in 2012, and the car it is based on, the Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo, was released in 2015.
  • The "Pac-Man SP" livery variant of this car could likely be Pac-Man's vehicle in Ridge Racer Vita, but no driver model featuring Pac-Man is shown.
  • The Zihua Archangel's description in Ridge Racer Vita may suggest that the Kamata SYNCi is the finalized product based on the end result of testing, research and development of the Angelus series, as the development of the Angelus had been canceled when the SYNCi was announced by Kamata.
  • Despite it resembling a front-engined vehicle, and that it features the proportions of a "short-deck, long nose" design, it is actually a mid-engined vehicle, as stated in Ridge Racer Vita.
  • The SYNCi is one of a few cars yet to have a standard variant, as the one featured in Ridge Racer Vita and Ridge Racer Slipstream are in race car form only.