Himmel (Japanese: ヒンメル) is a German car manufacturer, first appearing in Ridge Racer V. Himmel is famous for their E.O., an air-cooled sports car that have been in production of generations, making them the counterpart of Porsche in the Ridge Racer universe.

The brand was established by a man named Franz Himmel.


  • E.O.: Himmel's most popular air-cooled, rear engine car, which have been in production and underwent changes in generations of production.
  • 490B: Himmel's futuristic concept car, featuring an arc-shaped body and electric motor.


  • Himmel is German for "sky" or "heaven".
  • The logo of Himmel shows twin wings which possibly shows how it is related to the sky. In a way, the company's logo may look similar to the Honda (car division) logo. (Incidentally, the motorcycle division of Honda uses a wing as its logo).
  • It is possible that Himmel is the manufacturer of the Team Red Lightning car in Dirt Dash, due to the car's similarity to a Porsche.
  • Himmel was the only manufacturer that did not have a Special Machine in Ridge Racer V. This was compensated in Ridge Racer 6.
  • In Ridge Racer 7's news tickers, there is a musical festival named after the founder called the "Franz Himmel Symphony Orchestra", which hails from Stuttgart, and that one of their musicals is called "The Boxster's Roar". This further gives implication of Himmel's similarity to Porsche in these references.
  • The founder's name, Franz Himmel, is likely a play on Ferdinand Porsche, and the Austro-Hungarian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand.
  • Himmel is one of two brands in the series to feature purely electric vehicles (in this case, the 490B), the other being Terrazi.
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