Diablo Canyon Road, also known as Wonderhill, is a track introduced in Ridge Racer Type 4.

Course Data

  • Located in: Fukuoka (Japan)
  • Length: 4.178 miles (6.686 km)
  • Date and Time: 17:30, May 15, 1999
  • Preset BGM: Revlimit Funk (RTS), Naked Glow (all other teams)


The counterpart of Crimson Rock Pass/Heaven and Hell is a little harder, but not much. It is a little narrower in places, but still gives you plenty of room to pass on the high speed straights. More long sweeping drifts, you may wish to consider a Dynamic drift car, especially because of the long, 360 degree right-hander that can give you more than a full tank of boost if you hit it going fast enough. Also note when you're coming up to the finish line that there is a steep downhill series of S curves that have to be negotiated perfectly to prevent hitting the wall and losing speed.