The Danver Bayonet is a car manufactured by Danver. In its first appearance in Rage Racer, where it was manufactured by Lizard, it resembles a C3 Corvette. In more recent games, the car resembles a hybrid of three cars in particular, the Chrysler Crossfire, the Nissan 350Z and the TVR Sagaris.

Rage Racer

It was first debuted in Rage Racer as Lizard Bayonet, introduced in-game as Lizard's Grade 3 car, featuring a selection of V8 engines depending on class. It has great acceleration performance and decent top speed, but otherwise poor handling and grip statistics.

When modified to Grade 5 specification, the Bayonet will feature a blower, and its engine sound produces a very distinct and aggressive supercharger whine.

Ridge Racer (PSP)

"With its fierce image completely redesigned for European tastes, this all-new BAYONET made a sensational debut at a recent motor show. It still retains the sleek looks and the thrilling performance of its predecessor."
―Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) Class 1 Bayonet machine profile.
PPSSPPWindows64 2019-01-08 19-44-22-49

Class 4 Bayonet, as it appears in RR2 (PSP).

  • Made In: USA
  • Drift Type: Dynamic
  • Engine: V8
  • Max RPM: 6500
  • Dimensions (inches): l/w/h 181/79/46
  • Max Speed: 136 MPH

The Bayonet in Ridge Racer (PSP) is one of the cars offered to players at the very start of the game, under Class 1, but is not really intended for beginners as its handling tends to feel very heavy (given that it is a Dynamic-type car) and that it has weak acceleration. In Class 4, however, it gets a major performance enhancement where its handling and stability have improved considerably, as with the car's acceleration.

Design-wise, it follows the "short rear, long deck" principle (a common feat in many FR sports cars), and is very exotic and somewhat futuristic in design (note the aluminium side blade that follows all the way to the skirts and the bumpers).

Its Class 4 variant now features a rear wing and also features unpainted CFRP (carbon fiberglass-reinforced plastic) panels on its front fenders and bumper.

Ridge Racer 6 and 7

Obs64 2018-05-07 04-06-47-18

Bayonet as it appears in RR7 with one of the custom bodykits.

"Mix high-tech and high-power, and the result is the next-generation American coupe, the BAYONET. New features such as the DFB System, which analyzes and adapts to each individual driver's habits, and the GIA System, which continuosly adjusts to changing road conditions, round out its feature set. Its V8 engine is a fine example of American Muscle, and although it is completely computer-controlled, the power produced is nothing short of outstanding."
―Ridge Racer 6 description of Class 1 Bayonet.
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Bayonet as it appears in RR7 with one of the custom bodykits.

"The Bayonet became popular after it was featured in a car action movie. A remake of the machine featured in the movie has been released as a special edition model and is proving to be even more popular then expected. This next-generation coupe features a wild, sexy exterior and a gorgeous interior, featuring all of the latest electronic gadgets."
―Ridge Racer 7 description.

The Bayonet reappears in Ridge Racer 6 and 7 with a facelifted appearance, featuring new front and rear end designs as well as a new set of five-spoke wheels.

In Ridge Racer 7, the car possesses excellent acceleration and Ultimate Charge abilities. Being a Dynamic-type car, it can slide easily and rather exuberantly, albeit slightly hampered by a rather underwhelming inertial drift rate. Top speed wise, it has the highest top speed among the Category 4 starting cars.

Exclusive to Category 3 in Ridge Racer 7 is the Complete Machine version of the Bayonet, obtainable by scoring 100 Manufacturer's Points with Danver. The Complete Machine is rather unique as its exhaust pipes have now been redesigned as side-mounted exhausts, meaning that backfires and nitrous will fire from the side skirts as opposed to the rear.

Ridge Racer Slipstream (iOS)

Specs: Class 04

  • Top Speed: 246km/h
  • Acceleration: 19.60s
  • Grip: 1.56G
  • Drift: 31%
  • Price: 21000CR



  • The car's name is taken from a blade-like weapon of the same name that is designed to be mounted on light machine guns, particularly those used in World War II, intended for stabbing enemy combatants at point-blank ranges where firing your weapons would prove impractical.
  • The Bayonet being named after a weapon of the same name makes a reference to the TVR Sagaris, where the said car's name is Greek for "battle-axe".
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