Heaven and Hell

Crimsonrock Pass is a circuit introduced in Ridge Racer Type 4 (Known before as the Heaven and Hell course), and appears in Ridge Racer (PSP).

Course Data

  • Located in: Fukuoka (Japan)
  • Length: 4.013 miles (6.456 kilometers)
  • Date and Time: 15:00, November 26, 1999
  • Preset BGM: Move Me (MMM and DRT), The Ride (PRC and RTS)


Overall, this is a pretty balanced course, mixing its share of high speed straight aways, long drift corners, sharp short drift corners, and a few "fake outs", These are corners that look like they'll be sharp, but only last a fraction of a second. Let off the gas for these, but do not drift them, doing so will cause you to lose you speed.

The course is wide all around and will give you plenty of room to pass the competition when the need arises.