The Assoluto Ghepardo is a car that only appears in Rage Racer and is one of the last cars available to the player. It boasts the highest top speed in the game besides the Class 6 bonus vehicles.

The car resembles a Group C regulation Le Mans car such as Porsche 962 and Nissan R92CP. (This might imply that Assoluto did have an endurance racing program before the events of the game.) It is also one of the Manual Transmission-only cars.

Powered by a 4 liter double overhead cam V10 engine, this car produces 650 hp at 9,000 rpm and can reach top speed of 320 km/hour. Power is transmitted through a 6 speed gearbox.


  • Ghepardo translates to "cheetah" in Italian.
  • It is possible to configure its colors to resemble the Mazda 787B, by using a combination of green and orange.
Cars in Rage Racer
Class 1 Gnade Esperanza
Class 2 Lizard Acceron · Age Erriso
Class 3 Lizard Bayonet · Age Abeille · Assoluto Fatalita
Class 4 Lizard Hijack* · Age Pegase* · Assoluto Istante*
Class 5 Assoluto Ghepardo*
Class 6 Lizard Bulldog* · Age Vanquire · Assoluto Squaldon*
* denotes car only available with manual transmission