"Created by the same manufacturer as the Bisonte, Fatalita is a sports car in its own right. Evolved over years of racing, this car is a thoroughbred circuit racer."
Ridge Racer (PSP)
"The Fatalita, also known as the circuit-spec machine, has undergone some minor changes. No mechanical or technological updates were made, but the pure hide used for the interior has now been changed to a new synthetic fabric produced by DEROTA. Although the luxurious feel of pure hide has been sacrificed, the new fabric is lighter, more durable, and is more comfortable, as it acts as a seat cooler, receiving positive feedback from many racers in the RSGP."
Ridge Racer 7

The Assoluto Fatalita is a car produced by Assoluto, first appearing in Rage Racer, and has been a mainstay whenever the Assoluto brand appears in the Ridge Racer series.

Design and performance


The Fatalita in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

In Rage Racer, the Fatalita is touted as the "protagonist" car, as the game's intro FMV prominently show the car. In this game, the Fatalita features a look similar to a Porsche 959 or its racing counterpart Porsche 961, turning into a Porsche 911 GT1 look-alike in Class 5 - the 993 version of 911 GT1 having came out when the game was originally released in Japan. The car features a rotary engine similar to the Mazda RX-7, starting with a 2-rotor engine, turning to a 3-rotor engine in the car's ultimate specification (Class 5) and can be equipped with automatic transmission. The same Fatalita (with Class 3 body) returns in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, with a 3-rotor engine from the start. Finishing first twice in the first heat grants the player the Fatalita for the second heat.

For the PSP games, as well as Ridge Racer 6, 7, and 3D, the Fatalita's design was dramatically changed to highly resemble the Lamborghini Murcielago, but because it is powered by a V10, it handles like a Gallardo in some aspects. Originally, in the PSP games, the car was equipped with pop-up headlights, but it was changed to a more modern projector headlights in the sixth game and onwards. This version also appears in Ridge Racer Slipstream, initially incorrectly named Assoluto Bisonte (later renamed Fatalita after an update). Two versions available in both Ridge Racer 7 and Slipstream: the "standard" variant, purchasable by the player and customizable, and the "Complete Machine", a pre-tuned variant obtainable by winning a certain race.

For the Vita game, the Fatalita returns as one of the DLC cars for the game, now with a design which is a throwback to the look it once had back in Rage Racer, resembling the Porsche 959 with small influence from the Carrera GT, and that it is powered by a rotary engine (now with four rotors), much like the first generation model, in essence making the third generation Fatalita a retro-styled car.

Performance chart

Rage Racer

The upgrade chart for all the car's available configurations in Rage Racer.

Grade Power Gears Engine Max speed (MT) Price (eg)
3 255 ps 6 Rotary 2-rotor 652x2 cc (1304 cc) Turbo 273 km/h
170 mph
4 325 ps 6 Rotary 2-rotor 652x2 cc (1304 cc) Supercharged 287 km/h
180 mph
5 375 ps 6 Rotary 3-rotor 652x3 cc (1956 cc) Turbo 310 km/h
191 mph

  • All maximum speed numbers correspond to the car when driven with manual transmission. Please note that not all cars in Rage Racer can be equipped with automatic transmission.
  • The price that appears in the first row indicates the car purchase price from the car shop. All other prices are prices for upgrading the car.
  • All versions of Rage Racer uses ps (metric horsepower) as unit of power.
  • Data taken from (Japanese only), except for speed in mph, which is taken from Sal_89's GameFAQs entry.

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

The car's maximum speed and horsepower from all the four stages and teams. The Garage number indicates the car number in the Change Car (in the Garage mode). In Ridge Racer Type 4, it's powered by a three-rotor rotary engine.

Stage Garage DRT MMM PRC RTS
2 5 203 km/h
126 mph
(302 ps)
194 km/h
121 mph
(302 ps)
203 km/h
126 mph
(304 ps)
212 km/h
132 mph
(305 ps)
3 9 212 km/h
132 mph
(370 ps)
205 km/h
128 mph
(365 ps)
216 km/h
135 mph
(368 ps)
226 km/h
141 mph
(372 ps)
4 16 303 km/h
189 mph
(383 ps)
296 km/h
185 mph
(380 ps)
306 km/h
191 mph
(381 ps)
317 km/h
198 mph
(383 ps)

  • Sources taken from (Japanese language only), which derives details from the official Ridge Racer Type 4 Strategy Guide book. Please note that the horsepower numbers are not displayed in-game.

Ridge Racer 6

Class Engine Top Speed
2 5.0 liter V10 250 km/h
4 6.2 liter V10 315 km/h

Ridge Racer 7

The car's maximum speed from all engine upgrade combinations.

Category Stage 0 Stage 1 Solvalou Druaga Zolgear
2 308 km/h 315 km/h 319 km/h 320 km/h 316 km/h
1 328 km/h 335 km/h 339 km/h 341 km/h 336 km/h

Ridge Racer 2 (PSP)

The car's maximum speeds from all the car's available configurations in Ridge Racer 2 for PSP.

Class Type-S Type-R Type-Z
3 260 km/h 262 km/h 264 km/h
6 331 km/h 333 km/h 335 km/h


  • Fatalita means "fatality" in Italian.
  • The Fatalita is the only Assoluto car that can be equipped with an automatic transmission in Rage Racer.
  • Even more so, the Fatalita in its Rage Racer, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ridge Racer Vita incarnations are the only cars in the series to use rotary engines, therefore alluding to Mazda's sports, racing and concept cars.
  • The Fatalita is the only car in Rage Racer to return in Ridge Racer Type 4.
  • In the PSP titles, the Class 3 Fatalita has a 6-speed transmission. However, in Class 6 specifications, it has a 5-speed transmission.
  • Ridge Racer Slipstream's depiction of the Fatalita stated that it had undergone a minor update which saw the change of upholstery from leather to fabric, technically downgrading the car.
  • One of the available aero upgrades in Ridge Racer 7 features aerodynamic wheel spats. In real life, wheel spats are practically obsolete since the mid-2000s, but once popular in older racing cars, such as the Jaguar XJR-9 (or more specifically in the Ridge Racer series, Assoluto's very own Cavaliere machine and the Lizard Nightmare), as it would help in reducing aerodynamic drag.
  • Ridge Racer 7 described the Fatalita Complete Machine as "not much different" from its standard ones. This is a possible nod to Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT which retained its standard engine but slightly modified by fitting air restrictors, or perhaps, since the Fatalita is powered by a V10, the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo, as it retains the original engine and drivetrain, but has its chassis, aerodynamics and interior fully re-worked for racing.
  • Despite its resemblance to the Lamborghini Murcielago in the modern games (in PSP, 6, 7 and 3D), as it has always been powered by a V10 engine in the games (unlike the Murcielago, which had a V12 engine) it is also a nod to the Lamborghini Gallardo.
  • The Ridge Racer (PSP) incarnation of the Fatalita, as seen on the intro movie, is shown to have scissor doors (doors with an opening mechanism that allows them to open upward), which is also one of the trademark features of Lamborghini's flagship models (in this case, the Murcielago and other top-end V12 models before and after it). It, along with the Soldat Raggio, are among two known cars in the series to feature scissor doors.


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